Video: Jaguar "At Play" ad speaks to the Big Cat’s fun side

Jaguar is known for a lot of things with the words "luxurious," "classy," "elegant," and powerful being thrown around most often.

Not it appears they’ve added "playful" to their vocabulary.

The British automaker has released a new ad featuring all three of its newest models - the XJ, the XF, and XK - participating in a nice little romp around their natural habitat: the concrete road.

Whether it’s on an isolated and forested area or in an urban warehouse setting, the three models are all at ease with their surroundings, something the company is emphasizing for in their new line.

Cleverly crafted with a fitting tagline - "Welcome to the Jungle" - the new Jaguar ad speaks to the consumer in ways it has never spoken to before. Sure, the cars still fit the words that we have long described them, but now, they’re opening themselves up to a new kind of fun. This is the kind that speaks to the character of these cars as more than just the conservative brand we previously thought they were.

This is the new face of Jaguar. And might we add, it’s something that a lot of us have long waited to see.


Source: Jaguar USA

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