Known more for their affinity for producing top-end luxury cars, Jaguar is stepping out of its comfort zone and is determined to show everyone that its resident luxury car, the XJ all-wheel drive, is a lot tougher than it’s given credit for.

So what exactly did Jaguar do? It went to one of the toughest locations in the world, or more specifically, the coldest city in the world. Embarking on an impressive 2,000-mile round-trip journey into the Arctic Circle, the British automaker took a pair of XJ all-wheel drive models to see how the luxury sedan can handle being subjected to a place with temperatures as low as -56 degrees F.

Ultimately, the pair of XJ all-wheel drive models succeeded in their 2,000-mile journey, proving that not only can the luxury sedan handle the almost inhumane weather conditions, it can take care of all that snow, ice, gravel, and frozen mud pretty handily.

Guess it’s ready to plow its craft in North America, right?


Source: Jaguar Cars

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