As with most editions, the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed was packed with lots of action as hundreds of classic and modern sports and race cars stormed up the iconic Hill. With so many cool vehicles gathered in England, picking a favorite is next to impossible. However, I must confess some of the Ferraris stole my heart this time, especially one particular LaFerrari that caught the eye with its unique exterior paint.

Unlike other LaFerraris showcased during various events since launch, which were mainly painted in the company’s famous Rosso Corsa, this example roared in Goodwood in a bright-green suit. The hue is definitely a show stopper, but what makes it even more impressive is its uniqueness among "regular" LaFerraris, which can only be ordered in either red, yellow or black. If you’re a bit puzzled, then you should know that the owner of this LaFerrari is no other than Jay Kay, Jamiroquai’s front man.

I have no idea in regard as to how he managed to order the LaFerrari in green — I’m guessing he opted for a bespoke program — but considering he already owns an F40 and an Enzo, the Italian company would be crazy to deny any of his requests. All told, Jay Kay is the proud owner of a LaFerrari that just screams for attention. A refreshing break from the regular, red-painted Prancing Horses.

What do you think? Is this bright shade of green appropriate for a LaFerrari or would you rather have it in Rosso Corsa or Giallo Modena? Let me know in comments.

There’s one more video after the jump.

Video: Jay Kay's LaFerrari Begs For Attention At Goodwood Exterior
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Ferrari was definitely one of the main attractions over the three days of the Festival of Speed held at Goodwood this weekend, both with the drivers and F1 cars of the Scuderia and its road cars. The one that drew the most admiring glances in England was definitely the LaFerrari. On the Goodwood hill, there were no less than two, one of which caught the eye, not just because of its exclusivity and performance, but because it is painted green.

Video: Jay Kay's LaFerrari Begs For Attention At Goodwood High Resolution
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Video: Jay Kay's LaFerrari Begs For Attention At Goodwood High Resolution Exterior
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The car belongs in fact to Jay Kay, lead singer with Jamiroquai, who is a major Ferrari collector. He drove his car up the hill and also signed autographs for the crowd. “I own an F40, an Enzo and now the LaFerrari, three unique cars and with the last one, it’s incredible just how much advanced technological research is behind it. Tackling the Goodwood hill in the LaFerrari is an incredible feeling,” added Jay Kay. “My Enzo is black with a green interior and so I went for the same scheme but switching the colours round. I’ve always liked green cars and green interiors and green in general. It gives me a thrill”.

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