Video: Jay Leno drives the Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV

If we’ve said this once, we’ve said it a thousand times, but oh how we envy Jay Leno and his ability to bring some of the best vehicles into his garage. Then there’s the little thing called being able to drive these amazing vehicles that just completely sends us over the edge. In the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, Jean Shirt Man - aka Jay Leno - was blessed with the company of Andrew Romanowski, President of the Lamborghini Club of America, and a Lamborghini Murcielago LP670 Super Veloce.

The Murcielago LP670 SV is powered by a 6.5 liter V12 engine that delivers a total of 670 HP. Thanks to a weight reduction of 220 lbs, the SV model sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds and is capable of a top speed of 212 mph. The particular LP670 SV brought into the garage is one of only five SVs equipped with a six-speed gearbox. Yeah, and Leno got to drive it. Lucky SOB.


Alina Moore
Alina Moore
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  (539) posted on 04.20.2011

Imagine that, I was just thinking recently as to when Leno will finally a Murcielago, and here it finally is. Now I am looking forward to Leno driving an Aventador.

  (336) posted on 04.19.2011

Well, all of us feel envious when watching Leno’s show. After all, it really looks easy for him to just hop into one of those supercars and test drive them.

  (24) posted on 04.18.2011

Can I just say? The number of false facts about this particular lamborghini in this video is RIDICULOUS!!! If I was the guy who just became the lamborghini club president I would commit suicide because this is beyond embarrassing! He is the friken president of the lambo club and he said things like: "250 of these were built" and "I would imagine that they would have to pay like 10 grand more for the 6 speed manual gearbox." Is he on crack or what??? I mean for crying out loud in this same video like 40 seconds later they showed the inside sv badge which clearly said "012/350" meaning that there are 350 of them built and i have no idea how could he say that they had to pay more for the manual gearbox when the egear was standard and the 6 speed was a NO COST OPTION!!! And then the "low speed wing with 208 mph" - where does he get this stuff, when in reality its called the Aeropack Wing rated at 209 mph. Then the supposedly the owner told jay leno that the engine is 6.7 liters when its a 6.5 liter and the fuel economy that he said it gets was quite optimistic. Basically love the car in the video but it really irritates me when those guys with more money than they know what to do with DONT even know basic stuff about their amazing cars.

  (776) posted on 04.18.2011

Yes he is the real guy when it comes to luxury cars! Same here, i feel so envious seeing him, driving around this cars. I wish I have a garage like that!

  (506) posted on 04.18.2011

Well, come to think of it, I don’t think that Leno is just lucky to drive the Murcielago. He is really more than qualified to drive one, not only because of his status, but also because he is very knowledgeable about it.

  (210) posted on 04.18.2011

It would be so amazing, owning garage like this. However, only super rich guy can afford this garage since the maintenance of all these cars are in hefty price!

  (599) posted on 04.18.2011

I am not really surprised about Leno’s latest caper. I meant’ we probably all expect him to drive the Murcielago one time or another. But this one is still an interesting watch.

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