Video: Jay Leno features DeLorean on latest episode of ’Jay Leno’s Garage’

When it comes to cars, Jay Leno is a man of many tastes. Whether it’s an old-school Ford Model T or a somewhat up-to-date Bugatti Veyron, the comedian knows his cars and as long as it’s either rare or expensive or a combination of both, it’s going to find its way into his garage.

In the latest episode of ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’, Leno gets his hands on a DeLorean. No, it’s not that DeLorean that can travel in time at the strike of midnight, but rather a brand-new one that still takes the shape and form of the Back to the Future version.

This particular DeLorean that Jay has is an original one that has come with some pretty extensive modifications to at least become somewhat in line with the standards of today. It’s 2.8-liter Renault V6 even comes with an optional engine upgrade that can spike up its pony power to as much as 195 hp.

So as you can expect with just about every car that gets into an episode
of ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’, he gets behind the wheel of the car and takes it for a spin. And despite not having adequate power to suit his taste buds, Leno seems to have a fairly good time bringing the car Leno describes as one of the ’most controversial cars in history’ up to speed with today’s roads.


Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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  (477) posted on 03.30.2010

Jay Leno has been known for his car collection and I think that his enthusiasm for cars is really awesome. The De Lorean which has been known as the car of Back to the Future has been a good classic and I have to say that even as a classic, when I got the chance to see it in action again, one cannot help but still admire it and fall in love with it. Its a great car and I’m sure that it will give you feelings as good as traveling time when you hit the 88 mph mark.

  (765) posted on 02.24.2010

The only reason why I liked this car before was because it is the car used in Back to The Future and all it’s sequence, except for when it was crashed by a train. Anyways, it is still a good classic car and having one will surely have a head turn or two at a car show. I wonder what ever happened to the time traveling version of it, maybe its in the future or something.

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