Video: Jay Leno guests on Top Gear - finally!


Jay Leno isn’t used to being the guest in a show, but that’s where he found himself when he was invited by Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson in a sit-down between two of the world’s biggest ‘petrol heads’.

Leno, a self-admitted Top Gear fanatic, joined Clarkson at the top-rated car-themed talk show to discuss a variety of topics only the truest of car fanatics could understand.

During Leno’s stint on the show, Clarkson playfully ran-down the list of vehicles owned by the American ex-talk show host. Predictably, the list ran long – 3 pages worth, to be in fact – with Leno defending his obvious fanaticism towards cars by saying. “I’d rather go home smelling of greasy fluid than of cheap perfume”

Well said, Jay!

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At one point during their conversation, Leno recounts a story of taking two ‘supposed’ LA gang members in his McLaren F1. The joyride ended up on the side of the road after Leno was caught going 125 mph on the mountains. As the patrolman began scolding Leno about his overeager driving, the two gang members immediately flashed their badges, exposing themselves as undercover cops, much to the surprise – and relief - of Leno.

In addition to their amusing chit-chat, Clarkson also put Leno to the track to drive the show’s ‘Reasonably Priced Car’ to determine where he’d rank on the show’s RPC list. Jay even said that he’d be happy with whatever time he got for as long as it’s faster than the time posted by Dame Helen Mirren. Fortunately for him, he covered the track at 1 minute and 48.8 seconds, four seconds faster than Mirren’s 1:52.8 and only a tenth of a second slower than Mark Wahlberg, who ‘retained’ his title as the fastest American driver on the show with a time of 1:48.7.

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