Jay Leno is no stranger to odd cars. His massive warehouse garage is full of such things, and Jay is known for his daily rotation of what he drive to the NBC studios for taping his hit television show, The Tonight Show, which he will stop doing on February 17th when Jimmy Fallon takes over.

But this is Jay’s first time in an aluminum-skinned moped.

The three-wheeled trikes are built by his good friend and longtime builder Randy Grubb. Randy has tooled such things as Jay’s "tank car" and "decoliner." The design of these so-called "Decopods" are yet another original idea form his eccentric mind.

Build from a Piaggio MP3 scooter, Randy strips the trike of its plastic bodywork, lowers the seat an handlebars, and adds on his hand-crafted aluminum bodywork. The 250 cc scooter is capable of hitting 70 mph on the interstate, while keeping the rider sheltered from the wind with the plexiglass windscreen.

Considering himself an artist more than a businessman, Randy will only build six of these little art-deco wonders. He makes mention in the video above about one selling at the Barrett-Jackson auction for over $25,000, so if you’re in the market for one, you’d better save up and speak up.

More information can be found about Randy and his masterfully crazy creations at his website, RandyGrubbs.com

Click past the jump for videos on how Randy built his Art-Deco masterpieces

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