We are all used to seeing Jay Leno behind the wheel of high-performance cars, like the Shelby GT500. In the latest edition of "Jay Leno’s Garage," however, he decided to give a hot hatchback a try. And what better hot hatch than the Ford Focus ST?

The car was brought to him by Chief Engineer, Jamal Hameedi, who offered a few details on the Focus ST. He explains the technology behind the new, 252-horsepower Focus and why it is considered a global performance vehicle.

After explaining the car in detail, Leno and Hameedi took the car on the road and gave it a moderate thrashing by Jay Leno’s standards. Jay, of course, did not have the space to push the Focus ST to the 154 mph it is capable of hitting, but even so, he still did a great job behind the wheel.


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