Video: Jay Leno takes the Morgan Aero SuperSports for a test run

When it comes to Jay Leno and cars, we’ve come to expect just about anything. The comedian’s longstanding reputation as one of the world’s foremost car enthusiasts has pretty much been street knowledge for all of us.

So when Charles Morgan decided to drop by Jay Leno’s garage to show him his latest special-edition sports car, the Morgan Aero SuperSports, you could say that we weren’t totally surprised.

The new sports car, which was build in time for Morgan’s 100th year anniversary, comes with a 380-horespower version of BMW’s 4.8-liter V8, which, for a car that weighs just a step over a ton, is by all accounts, ridiculously fast.

And as someone who knows a thing or two about Morgan vehicles – he has, after all, a 1932 Morgan Three-Wheeler tucked in his garage – Leno didn’t waste time in getting behind the wheel of the Aero SuperSports and taking it for a leisurely spin out on Burbank.

Infusing both old-school design with new school technology, Morgan seems to have found a fan in Leno who was utterly impressed with the pace of the Aero SuperSports that it wouldn’t surprise us if we find one of these models find its way to his garage permanently.

Just one of the many perks of being Jay Leno.


Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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  (765) posted on 02.9.2010

Jay Leno takes the Morgan Aero SuperSports for a test run
Comment: That is one sweet ride but I don’t think that it fits someone like Jay Leno. I don’t really see him as an enthusiasts of cars but just a collector of them. It would be such a waste to just see one of this beauties sitting in his garage. But seriously, what was that ride with only three wheels that he used?

  (571) posted on 02.4.2010

I’m pretty sure that after a week or so, he will be having one permanently parked in his garage. I don’t really know if I will call him a car enthusiast. A collector maybe but for me, to fully enjoy a car, you have to experience its drive. Take it with you and feel its power. Well, although he does drive most of his cars, he doesn’t drive it all. I’d say that some of them are just wasted or are not used to their full potential.

Uncia  (868) posted on 02.4.2010

Do they have any American dealerships?

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