Video: Jay Leno talks about his new five-layer mahogany doors


Whatever you may think of him, us auto enthusiasts will forever hold a certain level of jealousy towards Jay Leno for not only being a fellow car nut himself, but for actually having the resources to buy just about any car on the planet he wants to get his hands on. He is who we want to be, and for better or worse, nobody would argue against trading denims with this man, if only because it would give us a chance to explore his garage.

Speaking of his garage, such a vast collection of rare and exotic vehicles need to have the necessary safety and security measures to ensure that they don’t get robbed, destroyed, or worse, both. Knowing this full well, Leno decided to partner with garage door-manufacturer Clopay to introduce his new set of five-layer mahogany doors, which he installed in all of his garages - that’s right, he’s got more than one garage - at his home.

Check out the video of Jay Leno talking about his new car security measure and see for yourself just how excessively tough this mahogany-made door really is.


Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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  (367) posted on 08.18.2010

Leno is really a big big fan of cars, but most of his shows have less viewers right?.

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