Video: John Stewart pokes fun at Toyota over ’PedalGate’ controversy

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Toyotathon of Death

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The Toyota ‘PedalGate’ controversy has, for the better part of a few weeks now, dominated the headlines all over the world thanks in large part to the massive recall Toyota has been forced to comply with regarding the sticky accelerator pedals that have hampered just about 4 million Toyota vehicles.

And just like every other major headline that has propped up recently, ‘PedalGate’ has seen its fair share of critics and analysts sharing their two cents on how Toyota can salvage whatever ounce of respect it has left from its customers.

While most of these so-called analysts have used the stage to convey their opinions in a serious platform, Jon Stewart used the Daily Show – yes; that Daily Show - to take some pot shots at the beleaguered brand.
Since everybody has pretty much condemned Toyota since this whole ‘scandal’ broke out a few weeks ago, we thought that we could all take a break from all the criticizing and just grab a laugh at their expense instead.

It doesn’t really help in the overall picture, but at a time like this for Toyota, it doesn’t hurt to step back and laugh about it – even for just a few minutes.


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  (569) posted on 02.4.2010

Well there is actually nothing to laugh about it. Seriously. What if someone got seriously hurt because of that error with Toyota’s technology. The thing with people like Jon Stewart is that he takes everything as a joke while the truth is people are taking “him” as a joke.

  (868) posted on 02.4.2010

It isn’t four million vehicles - less than a dozen owners have noticed a sticking pedal, but Toyota just wants to be sure so they’re recalling all four million that could potentially share this concern. And why is everybody saying that Toyota hasn’t been open about it? They sent a letter in the mail to all owners of the posibly affected cars and they’ve had a huge icon that reads "NEWS ALERT: SAFETY RECALL" on their website homepage for weeks.

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