Video: Justin Bieber Stops Traffic to Confront Paparazzi

Justin Bieber is far from being anywhere near our list of favorite celebrities. So, why did we put him on our page? Well, the answer is quite simple: he is driving a Ferrari 458 Italia, even if he has no clue how to really drive it.

Just the cool car alone is not enough to plaster his boyish mug all over our site, so there has to be other reasons. In the first case, he got pulled over by the cops and turned out he had an expired registration. Today a video has emerged, showing him in full-"diva" effect.

Apparently, "The Bieb" was being followed by paparazzi in Los Angeles, and he wasn’t quite able to shake the media folk in his high-powered supercar. Justin decides to do the "mature" thing and confronts the paparazzi face to face.

Okay, we can appreciate the dude wants a little privacy, but the problem is that he blocked the entire road to do it. During this encounter there are horns blaring away in the background, as people are trying to get to work or maybe their Botox appointments. Beiber just sits there in his white 458 Italia discussing his driving habits. Wow, what a piece of work...

On an aside, the paparazzi guy said Bieber was "driving a little crazy," but he seemed to be driving rather grandma-like in his 562-horsepower supercar.


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