Video: Kids love the all-new 2012 Mercedes CLS

The next time you’re in the process of buying a Mercedes, you might want to ask input from your little kid because as this commercial proves, they really know what makes for an awesome car. And if they’re shrewd enough to hatch up a plan to get a 2012 Mercedes CLS sedan to stop at a red light as they take a closer look at it, then these wily rascals are about as good a reference as you can find when you’re in the market for a 2012 CLS.

Mercedes has yet to divulge details behind the car – we expect them to do so when it’s unveiled at the Paris Motor Show – but we already expect a number of things from the all-new Shooting Brake Concept-inspired CLS, including a number of engine options including a 3.5-liter direct-injection VG engine and a 4.6-liter twin-turbocharged V8 variant.

For now, though, we highly suggest that you give this commercial a look-see. If for nothing else, it proves one thing about children these days...

They may same the darndest things a lot of the time, but clearly, they also know an awesome car when they see one.


Source: Mercedes-Benz TV

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  (594) posted on 07.6.2011

Well, using kids in a commercial is quite good but on this one, I think it didn’t work that
much. Anyway, the Mercedes CLS really is an awesome one just like the kid said.

  (702) posted on 12.8.2010

I know kids are really powerful in endorsements but the commercial didn’t focus on the car’s ability. Maybe, there will be more versions of this brand. They should consider adults too, on how they will appreciate this luxurious car. Perhaps, kids can only show their expression of appreciation with the looks of the new 2012 Mercedes CLS.

  (765) posted on 11.9.2010

I like the reaction of the kids when they say the word "wow"..then on the above screen
when the CLS was could read the "Sensuality and sense"...(take note:kids love it)

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