There’s been a number of stars to sit behind the wheel of Top Gear’s "Reasonably Priced Car," but this week’s celebrity may have a leg up on his competitors. On Sunday, March 18, 2012, Formula One race car driver, Kimi Raikkonen, will try to set his best lap around the Top Gear test track and get to spend some time with the Stig.

Obviously, the Stig didn’t have much to say during the whole ordeal, but Jeremy Clarkson told Raikkenon that the Stig was one of his biggest fans. To that, Raikkenon replied that the Stig had the best job because he could drive cars and not have to talk. Future Stig in the making? Maybe.

All that aside, this teaser video shows part of the interview with Kimi Raikkenon, as well as some shots of him calmly taking his lap around the track. How did he fare in a car that is nothing like the Formula One cars he is used to driving? Check out Top Gear on Sunday to find out!


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  (446) posted on 04.17.2012

Even though he got a sharp tongue, it helps the review very well!

  (401) posted on 03.22.2012

Hah, that was rather a cheeky remark. I’m glad he got to try and comment on the car though, since he’s influential.

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