Nothing like a bit of angry supercar noise to get you through the day. This dose of anger and petrol explosions comes to us courtesy of Koenigsegg. We have an Agera in grey, and an Agera R in white. Both of these machines are filmed doing some start up, some drive-bys, and a few shots idling.

There is no music or commentary; it is just pure noise and supercar sheet metal. If you pay close attention, there is also just a dash of Porsche as some of the cars are getting ready to head out onto the track at this supercar event.

It may not be the most exciting, or highest-quality car video you have seen today, but sometimes all you really want is a good look at some cool supercars, and a little bit of that burbling exhaust to go with it. No muss, no fuss; just awesome cars being awesome.

Press “play” and enjoy; of course, make sure those speakers are turned up as well.


Christian Moe
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