A design masterpiece like the LaFerrari required lots of work and tons of concept versions that never made it to production. The work on the new supercar started years ago and it evolved with each year passing by. The Concept Manta revealed in this video shows how the LaFerrari looked almost two years ago. It has been displayed at the Ferrari Exhibition where YouTube user, Marchettino, already had the chance to be.

He learned that Ferrari has developed nine different concepts for the LaFerrari, but just two have been produced in 1-to-1 scale: this F150 Manta and the LaFerrari of course. We don’t know about you, but we find Manta a pretty interesting concept and LaFerrari would still have been a cool car if its design would have remained in this stage.

Enjoy the video, as this is a truly unique opportunity, since most automotive manufacturers never show the development processes of their vehicles.


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