When Lamborghini unveiled the new Aventador Roadster, it described the car’s two-piece roof as very easy to install. In fact, the official announcement says that each of the two 13-pound carbon-fiber pieces can be attached and removed in just a "matter of seconds."

The question that begs to be answered is “in a matter of seconds for whom: a Lamborghini engineer or a regular customer?” We think the above video will give you an idea of what to really expect.

During the car’s official presentation, Lamborghini wanted to show its customers how to install this wonder-roof. The problem is that it took a Lamborghini rep about two minutes to install it! Granted, he was talking while working, but he has been trained to install the roof. Now, imagine someone with absolutely no training installing this roof and you can see how it could take about two minutes. That’s a real problem if you happen to live in a place where torrential and sudden rainfall is the norm, like London or South Florida.

Nevertheless, we need to admire the absolute beauty in this masterpiece of a vehicle. We’re also pretty sure that it’ll take a few dozen practice installations before a new owner can install the roof "in a matter of seconds." One thing is for sure, the Aventador’s roof is easier to install than the soft top on the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster. That process seems to require two people, a sledgehammer, hope, prayers, and a few choice four-letter words to accomplish.

Check out top-installation process on the Murcielago in the video after the jump.

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