So call us a bunch of little kids, but the sound of a supercar accelerating hard simply makes us giggle a little. Though they are not necessarily my favorite of supercars, Lamborghini is definitely in the top-5 of mass produced supercars. At the peak of Lamborghini’s lineup sits the 700-horsepower, V-12-powered 2012 Aventador.

Let’s do the math here; the best car in a top-5 supercar lineup, that definitely equals a lot of smiles, even if it is indirectly. Above is a video that is certain to bring a grin and maybe even a little drool to the face of any car nut. A 2012 Aventador tackling the famous Goodwood hillclimb track.

Not only do you get to see this bright orange beast launch from the starting line, as if it were shot from a slingshot, but also get to hear that piece of beautiful V-12 running through its rpm range. It’s nice to see someone actually driving one of these things like it was built to be. So many people get these cars and do one of two things with them. The vast majority of people put it in a garage and visit it every week. Maybe once or twice a month they’ll take it out for a leisurely spin. The other group will take it flying down the interstate at 180 mph and vaporize it into the rear of a semi-truck.

Then you have the small group of people like this that take it to the track and stretch out its legs occasionally. Nothing like pushing this machine to its limits in a safe environment. So go ahead and enjoy the video. And for Pete’s sake, try not to drool all over the keyboard… That’s disgusting.


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  (453) posted on 05.7.2012

I can totally see how smooth it ran over there. However, I noticed that it doesn’t seem actually fast as stated.

  (463) posted on 05.7.2012

Hmmm.. I don’t see all the exaggerations here. I honestly saw it running just normally. This video actually does it injustice because it wasn’t as astounding.

  (459) posted on 04.11.2012

Am I the only one unsatisfied with this? I actually expected more. :\ Although, I’m contented with how it effortlessly zoomed through the track.

  (300) posted on 04.10.2012

Do you know why this is one of my favorite supercars ever? Just click the play button like I did, and you’ll see the sole reason why.

  (409) posted on 04.10.2012

Whoa! No, I don’t agree that it zoomed like a slingshot; it’s more of like there’s an invisible line swiftly pulling it at the front!

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