In a parking lot full of Lamborghinis, it’s hard for one to really stand out. Choosing among all of those Murcielagos, Gallardos, and Diablos isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. That being said, the dude who took this video couldn’t have picked a better Lamborghini to spy on when he took his camera and taped a revving Diablo GT. With only 80 models ever built, this prized Lambo is about as rare as they come and this particular one - car N°16 - shows that despite it’s age, it’s still got some mad juice underneath its hood. So much so, in fact, that the cameraman almost trips over when the Diablo GT’s exhaust did one of its patented flame-throwing explosions. We don’t need to invite anybody to watch it anymore because we know you’re going to do it anyway.


Source: YouTube

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  (815) posted on 05.24.2010

Huh? What is that a muffler modifications? For all I know lambo doesn’t spit fire like this.

  (512) posted on 05.23.2010

The sound are music to my ears! You can hear the roar of the impressive twin turbo of the Diablo GT.

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