Video: Lamborghini Jota spotted taking laps at the Nurburgring

We’ve given up on figuring out what the official name of the new Lamborghini supercar is going to be so we’re just going to stick with the “unofficial” name it’s been given: the Jota.

Whatever name it’s given, one thing we do know is that this car is as badass as it gets. Lamborghini has been very careful with revealing too much of the car because, well, where’s the suspense in that, right?

Fortunately, despite the secrecy behind the supercar, we’ve still been able to scoop up some spy photos and videos of the Jota in action.

This time, the supercar was spotted in the place where every supercar seemingly goes to as a rite of passage: the Nurburgring.

We may not know a whole lot about the Jota, but one thing is becoming apparently clear. That roaring, piercing sound is, without question, absolutely joyous to listen to.


Source: Autoblog Es

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  (518) posted on 10.15.2010

As soon as I get my hands on a GTR, I’m doing an LS7 swap with a 12-Bolt rear end.

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