when it comes to Russians and their supercars — or any car, for that matter — we all know they can get a little over the top. Okay, maybe a lot over the top... Lets take the guy in the above video who decided to push his Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 updated by Underground Racing to its limits.

This bad-boy pumps 2,005 horsepower from its V-10 engine and can hit a as high as 250 mph in a one-mile-long straight stretch. The ugly truth about extreme tuning like this one, is that it comes with plenty of risk, and this dude learned just how risky is was in the above video.

He launched his Gallardo down a one-mile stretch and hit a monstrous 250 mph, but just as he crossed the finish line, the engine went up in flames. The timing of the ignition was so impeccable that it seems like this was just a case of really cool special effects.

After the fire was extinguished, the Gallardo looked pretty bad, but what can you do. Great results sometimes call for sacrifices, right? Just light a cigarette, have a chat and things will somehow fall into place — at least that’s is how this guy handled the situation.


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