Video: Lexus LF-A, meet Monaco


When it comes to Monaco, there are only a certain number of cars that you can say fit in with the high-brow and elite stature of the city-state. No offense to these fellows, but Honda Civics and Mitsubishi Lancers aren’t exactly the type of cars residents of Monaco prefer to drive.

One car that definitely has a place in Monaco is the Lexus LF-A and it was present in full bloom at the 2010 Top Marques Monaco event. The folks over at GT-Spirit were even able to take the car out for a quick spin and even took the time to shoot this video of the supercar as it was being unloaded out of its trailer. Thanks to the enclosed space of the trailer, the sound of the LF-A’s monster V10 engine gets even louder.

If that revving engine doesn’t give you the chill bumps, we certainly don’t know what will.


Source: GT Spirit

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