The Japanese automaker Lexus has just released a new video staring their latest object of desire, the LF-A doing what it does best on the race track. The super car’s 552 HP V10 power plant creates one unmistakable exhaust note and has been fine tuned to create an unmistakeable soundtrack that is all to reminiscent of a Grand Prix weekend. From a rumble at idle to a scream at the rev limiter, Toyota’s acoustic team studied the noise made by a Formula 1 car at maximum revs, then applied detailed design features to create an exhaust note for the LF-A that is unlike any other car on the road, enhancing the super car’s sensation of speed.


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  (570) posted on 03.3.2010

Well now that is a sweet sound. If all cars sound like that, it will be music to my ear, sadly, it would be a nuisance to many. Specially those who are focusing in their work or studies.

  (780) posted on 01.10.2010

On a contrary, LF-A have a greater chance beat Super Snake on a race match. If you know the capability of this one, you wouldn’t say that kind of negative instinct coming from you. A lot of testing happens on this car and I saw how fast this car is.

  (815) posted on 12.18.2009

MB created a limited 4x4 SUV lucky for those people who has this limited edition suv of MB.

  (808) posted on 12.15.2009

Well, sounds like it is in good condition, good tweaking I guess. Anyways the car performs good but I think even the sound of the car seems spectacular, I don’t have any beliefs that it can beat the "Super Snake".

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