Hot off making the announcement that the production version of the Lexus LF-A supercar is on its way to the Tokyo Motor Show, the supercar in question was recently seen leaving a gas station just outside the Nurburgring.

Care to venture a guess where it’s going? Or maybe, where it came from?
Chances are, you’ll probably get the same answer.

In any case, the minimally-disguised white LF-A did have a date with him, in the form of another of its kind that incidentally was cloaked all around in black camouflage. Just to give you an idea just how powerful this new supercar is, we invite you to press your ears against your speakers and listen to that symphonic – and blood curtling – scream emanating from that powerhouse of an engine under its hood. For what it’s worth, that’s 550 horsepower V10 ripping through an otherwise quiet afternoon in Germany.


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