We have all heard about the future super car from Lexus, the LF-A; but what you may not know is that Gazoo Racing is campaigning a pair of prototypes in endurance races all across Europe. This not only serves to give the brand racing credibility before it is even on the market, and also allows the automaker to conduct performance and reliability testing in some of the most demanding environments in the world.

Despite Gazoo’s setback at the Nurburgring24, the team is continuing to develop the car for the track and Lexus is finishing off a very limited number of production versions for the street. This video offers a rather unrestricted view of the LF-A as the car is put through its paces by the English racing team.


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  (2) posted on 06.9.2009

Engine Sound Nice ! Design Looks Good !
Rear-Mount Engine Coolant ...

  (47) posted on 06.8.2009

This car has amazing potential...as long as it isn’t too over-priced...and doesn’t catch fire.

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