Ferrari’s reputation as one of the finest automakers in the world is unquestioned. However, creating some of the best exotics isn’t the only thing the Italian automaker is good at. It also fits the bill as an adept cross promoter.

Recently, Ferrari celebrated 100 years of history in Italy by tying up with Shell and Lego to build a 1-to-1 scale model of the automaker’s Ferrari F150° Formula One race car. No, it doesn’t come with an actual engine, but make no mistake, it’s pretty freaking awesome by itself.

It’s safe to say that work done on building a life-sized Formula 1 race car is a task in itself, but what’s really impressive about this whole build it that the final product looks almost lifelike from a distance.

Shell even has a time-lapse of video on how to entire build went down from bare bones to the final product. It’s definitely something that’s worth spending less than two minutes of your time watching.


Source: You Tube - Shell

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