Video: Lingenfelter LS9 Camaro SS makes quarter mile in 10.36 at 140 mph

American tuner, Lingenfelter, took a 2010 Camaro SS and turned it into a real beast. The tuner added a ZR1 LS9 engine with several of the Lingenfelter ZR1 supercharger upgrades and more than doubled the original horsepower of 422 by obtaining an impressive 855 HP. The result? The Camaro SS runs the quarter mile in 10.36 seconds at a speed of 139.95 MPH. This little adjustment earned the Camaro a title of the quickest and fastest TR6060 manual transmission equipped 2010 Camaro so far.

Watch the video to hear the sweet sounds of speed as the Camaro shows the blacktop who’s boss.


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  (504) posted on 02.23.2011

I think it looks pretty cool. In my opinion, it’s the first late model Camaro that looks better than the late model stock Mustang

  (532) posted on 02.23.2011

agreed! cause Nissan can make a 500 bhp Nismo tune GT-R R34 do a 10.00 flat 1/4 mile from the factory (and this is a production vehicle on street tires) and they (the Camaro on slicks has over 700 more hp and only gain 1.01 seconds

  (447) posted on 02.22.2011

It doesn’t look "evil". It’s too ugly to look evil OR good. It’s just a poorly designed car, much like most of the current Mercedes line of vehicles. The proportions of the gullwing are amateur leaving the only thing of any interest under its skin being the engine.

  (1211) posted on 02.22.2011

It has a strong design and a strong heritage and delivers seriously strong acceleration.

  (377) posted on 04.29.2010

Lovely... I really like to smell a burning rubber on a race, specially in drift race.

  (442) posted on 04.28.2010

No one said it was a feat. Ive seen the new Camaro hit the 9sec mark. This is just a cool video. There is no need to be a downer. Just give credit where credit is due and move on.

  (648) posted on 04.28.2010

Unbelievable! The power of this Camaro is superb combine it with its tough complexion it is very intimidating, I’m not a muscle car fan but if I were to choose a muscle car this is definitely the one I would go for

  (406) posted on 04.28.2010

I love it’s engine’s roar. it’s just like the roar of KRAKEN from the "Clash of Titan movie". I wonder what will godzilla do when he hears it.

  (807) posted on 04.27.2010

Unbelievable! that is a top speed car, the wheel drive so smooth and I love the sound of the speed.

  (798) posted on 04.27.2010

hmmmm muscle cars are really nasty isn’t it? But with a 855 HP a 139.95mph is just a warm up.

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