We all loved the promo video Porsche unveiled for its latest-generation Carrera 4, but have you ever wondered what the technology behind the video was? If you have, Porsche has unveiled a new video explaining how those four video were made.

You probably remember that the promo video was shot during all four seasons, so how was this possible? You can easily imagine Porsche didn’t wait for the seasons to change; rather, it filmed all the shots in just six days.

To create the right environment the company used: 14, 832 cubic-feet of artificial snow, 2,641 gallons of rain, 22,954 cubic-feet of artificial fog and 4,857,166 autumn leaves. This was the recipe for having the right season at your fingertips!

Along with this impressive amount of artificial phenomena, Porsche also used lots of cars, lots of people, computers and much, much more! So you see, creating the right video is not always that easy!


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