Marc Lieb has scored some pretty impressive stats -including three overall wins - during his 10 years of experience with the Porsche Racing team. However, when it comes to road driving, Lieb is pretty much like any other driver and apparently he has problems with reverse parking. Or at least this is what Porsche wants us to think!

The company is preparing a series of videos that will present us the real challenges of its drivers. You can imagine they have a lot to work, considering they have to participate in up to 25 races a year. According to Porsche, each driver needs to have "talent, learning aptitude, speed, stamina, discipline and flexibility.” Each day they need to prepare so they can adapt to fast changing situations on the race track!

Oddly enough, we guess Porsche doesn’t require their drivers how to park their Porsche…


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  (548) posted on 04.17.2013

Marc Lieb is certainly a good driver who is having a hard time with reverse parking. I still think Marc has talent, learning aptitude, speed, stamina, discipline and flexibility even though he is having difficulty in the parking challenges.

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