Maserati is continuing its exclusive "Factory Tour" presentation with a new video that reveals details on the production process of the Quattroporte luxury sedan. The video reveals every development detail starting with the construction of the bodywork all the way up to choosing the colors for the interior leather.

After the Quattroporte is produced, each model will need to pass an intense session of testings: water test, dynamic test bench and the final fit check. If everything goes well, the Quattroporte is set to be delivered to the dealerships where it awaits its future customers.

In the development of each model, Maserati is following a tradition with the search for perfection in every detail. Every single Maserati work puts the Trident’s whole history on wheels, carrying with it a roll-call of unrivalled racing achievements, interiors of flawless splendour, and unmistakable, stylish design.

That’s how Maserati has earned its reputation as a premier Italian automaker. And certainly, that’s how it’s made a name for itself in the industry.

For part 1 of Maserati’s factory tour, hop on over after the jump..

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  (305) posted on 12.22.2012

they make things right and they invest half work - half soul into making a car. hell, they leave a piece of their soul into every pizza they make, in every espresso cup the serve. let alone in a luxury car!

  (305) posted on 12.22.2012

that is why italian luxury cars are some of the best. because they take the time to make all things right.

  (302) posted on 12.22.2012

you get to appreciate more such a car when you see how much work and dedication is behind it!

  (312) posted on 12.22.2012

the price is in the best materials and all the handcrafted pieces and hand-sewed steering wheel and chairs and so on. lots of people, lots of salaries, high price!

  (305) posted on 12.22.2012

i think brad is right. the price is required because, well, nothing is for free.

  (452) posted on 12.22.2012

i don’t think it is the price that obliges to care. it is the love and dedication they have to their customers that does that!

  (542) posted on 12.22.2012

that leather is very expensive. and the car they put it on is even more expensive. that is why they have to be so careful.

  (509) posted on 12.22.2012

i liked how they inspect the leather before cutting it!

  (516) posted on 12.22.2012

hey, when you make a luxury car, it better not be scratched when it gets to the customer.

  (422) posted on 12.22.2012

i appreciate the care they have into manipulating the cars. i noticed the protection they apply on the fender to protect it from scratching.

  (452) posted on 12.22.2012

i do not think mercedes has the same level of handcrafting for its S class.

  (475) posted on 12.22.2012

the handcrafting is quite a requirement for exclusive luxury cars!

  (509) posted on 12.22.2012

i love the fact that there is lot of handcrafting into making these cars.

  (542) posted on 12.22.2012

they sure are careful and make everything with lots of attention to detail!

  (516) posted on 12.22.2012

i love the passion all those people put into making these great cars!

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