The Mazda MX-5 is a fantastic entry-level sports car. It’s been around so long that you have to treat it with the proper amount of respect.

All things considered, however, it doesn’t have the pace of a Lamborghini Gallardo or even a Lotus Elise.

But if you cleverly manipulate the race; well, that opens up some possibilities, something the MX-5’s power retractable folding hardtop was quick to take advantage of.

The car’s roof setup can go from top-down to top-up in just 12 seconds, giving the car a decisive advantage over the rest of the competition. The simulated rain from Mazda definitely helped, giving the MX-5 five full seconds to get its gears up over the Porsche 911, the next fastest car to get its roof in closed position and down the 1/4-mile track.

It’s a pretty fun video to watch, unless you’re Lotus, who probably didn’t find the whole thing funny. WE definitely giggled like little kids at a fart joke over the poor Lotus…

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Mazda MX-5

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As Mazda’s unquestioned moneymaker, the MX-5 has been a popular entry-level sports car since it first entered the auto scene in the late 80’s.

Since that time, a lot of things have changed in this world. And by a lot, we mean A LOT.

But the MX-5 continues to sell like there’s no tomorrow, a trait that has earned it legendary status in the industry and the apple of millions of eyes who have had the pleasure to own this little Japanese wonder car.

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