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  • Video: McLaren P1 Chased by Ferrari 458 Spider
    McLaren P1 - Chase in Ferrari 458 Spider!

    I was out for a ride in the Ferrari 458 Spider from ecurie25 when completely out of the blue a McLaren P1 test car drove past! Instantly recognisable for me, but too quick for my camera to be out I thought that was it so we returned to filming the Ferrari. Half an hour later we went around a roundabout and there it was, sitting there!

    Cue a chase, just being behind the new hypercar from the British company was incredibly exciting so I filmed a few clips in the hope he might put his foot down. Getting the shots was good, and doing it from a 458 Spider was even more fun!

    As it happens, the P1 led us back towards the McLaren Technology Centre, before getting caught up behind a broken down car at the roundabout outside, I used the opportunity to jump out and film it from the pavement to hear it roar into the centre.

    I’m still waiting to come back down to earth, what a spot!

    The 458 Spider was from écurie25 - the worlds biggest Supercar Club.

    Thanks for watching, Tim


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    Camera: Sony CX700