I have a GoPro Hero 3+ and aside from the Aston Martin DB5 and good Scotch, I think it is basically the greatest thing ever created. I use it to do all of my in-car review videos here on site, as well as every time lapse video you have seen from me. The only real problem with the GoPro, is that it is mounted to what I am driving. If I want an external shot, there are multiple people involved and it can be kind of hassle. But now there is a new thing called the AirDog, and it might just make my list of greatest inventions ever.

In a basic sense, the AirDog is a just a camera drone, a quadcopter. There are dozens for sale all over the internet and they allow you to fly a machine with a GoPro attached to it to get some great aerial shots. With this setup you still need a second person to fly the drone though, so it still isn’t very useful to someone who does solo filming like I do. What makes the AirDog special is that it actually flies itself and follows you wherever you go.

It does this thanks to what the company calls an “air leash.” This device connects to the Airdog, and then it stays strapped to the owner’s wrist. The Airdog will continually follow the leash and stay at a defined height and distance. This gives you perfect aerial tracking shots without the help of another person. It is insanely brilliant. The wrist device allows you to change settings on the AirDog while it is in flight, and it is waterproof and shockproof so you don’t have to worry about it.

The project was started as a Kickstarter, but it blew WAY past its funding goal and secured more than $1.3-million in funding. The project is off the ground now, and you can place a pre-order at Airdog.com.

First shipments are expected in December 2014.

See more videos of AirDog after the jump.

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