It’s been denied, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true

Everyone loves watching a good Ken Block video, and why shouldn’t you – the man sure can drive. And, just recently, YouTuber Revin caught Block and his 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonigan RTR tearing the hell out of Detroit streets. Who wouldn’t start shaking in their boots and biting their nails hoping it’s for the next Gymkhana – after all cool things do happen in Michigan; Transformers was filmed there not that long ago. But, word has it – thanks to Nate Stoebner, a line producer on the shoot – that the next Hoonigan video would focus on Mustang history and there may not be stunts.

Be that as it may, the streets were shut down, and Block was leaving his classic calling card – smoke – all over the highway in Detroit. Either way, Gymkhana 10 hasn’t even been confirmed, and a local business even reports that Block and the Hoonicorn were there for some other kind of video. Maybe it was a commercial or some kind of promotional video – it doesn’t matter we’re all itching to see it. But for now, check out the quick YouTube video below, then let us know what you think.


Ken Block’s Hoonicorn V2

Ken Block Announces the Hoonicorn V2: A 1,400-Horsepower Monster
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2016 Ford Focus RS RX By Hoonigan Racing High Resolution Exterior
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