What can a cool sports car do on a wet test track? After watching the video, we don’t think it can do all that much. Just under 3 minutes, this video featuring a Mercedes E63 AMG doesn’t do its 518hp any justice as it drifts on a wet race track. The 6.3L V8 engine seems to be idling as the car slides across the screen in a dramatic slow motion attempt to wow the viewer into falling in love with this car. It’s really a shame considering this vehicle is the fastest E-Class to date.


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  (939) posted on 04.15.2010

The e63 didnt beat the cts-v the 0 to 60 times were the same 4.1sec.. motortrend is being an m5 vs. ctsv 0 to 60 ctsv had 4.0sec and the ctsv outperformed the e63 in the quarter mile the skidpad were the same and for gas mileage that was the same 14city 19hwy.

  (798) posted on 04.14.2010

Not only the brabus, techart also has rated as one of the fastest car in the world, it sounds like a good challenge between Brabus and Techart does it?

  (708) posted on 04.14.2010

Can’t wait for the Brabus get their hand of the 518HP E63 but IMO brabus will only focus on speed and not on Drift.

  (428) posted on 04.13.2010

Well I doubt it, The road is wet and slippery that’s why it drift easily.

  (765) posted on 04.13.2010

With that kind of HP and weight I bet that i can be drift easily.

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