The new 2014 E-Class will be the first Mercedes model to feature the company’s new fully autonomous system called Steering Assist. This new system works in conjunction with the Distronic Plus system and it is being effective to speeds up to 124 mph.

The Distronic Plus adaptive control system helps the driver to keep the vehicle at the desired distance from the vehicle in front, even in stop and go traffic. With the latest additions, once the driver is activating the Distronic Plus, the Steering Assist is also being activated. This new system supports the driver with lateral lane guidance. On straight roads and even in gentle bends, it helps the driver to remain in the center of the lane by generating steering torque.

Watch the video to see how the company’s new Steering Assist system works and expect to see it in all the upcoming Mercedes models.

Click past the jump to read our preview of the 2014 S-Class’s Intelligent Drive system.

The next generation S-Class, will feature an advanced Intelligent Drive that delicately balances comfort and safety to the highest of proportions. This system ensures the reduction of accidents caused by mistakes at the wheel. So, if you witness an accident that involves the 2014 S-Class in the distant future, you will know who to blame.

Video: Mercedes Presents its New Steering Assist System
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To support the Intelligent Drive system, a wide range of sensors and cameras have been fitted to the car. There are six radar units — three in the front and back — seven high-resolution cameras that promise an unmatched 360 degree view, 12 collision sensors for parking aid, various other sensors at the steering and braking interfaces to monitor the driver input and a new FlexRay communication system that sends information from the networks to the computers via fiber-optic cables. Judging by the tech in the next gen S-Class, Mercedes has successfully created a road-going version of the Starship Enterprise.

Video: Mercedes Presents its New Steering Assist System
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DISTRONIC PLUS now includes steering assist that helps the driver to refrain from making unintended lane changes with an option to follow the vehicle in-front. This feature helps drivers to tackle boring and long stretches of highway cruising by allowing the car to do the heavy-lifting in such a situation. Like the current gen, this system can brake the vehicle at a deceleration rate of up to 0.5 G. When another vehicle cuts into the S-Class’ lane of travel, it will immediately react and take evasive action. It also features Attention Assist that studies the behavior of the driver and displays a coffee cup if the driver is not in a good state of driving. In the new S-Class, the system works over a range from 37 to 124 mph and it points out service areas in the navigation system, should the driver need a break according to the system. The Active Parking Assist is now capable of identifying and using perpendicular as well as parallel parking spaces. It is also able to steer and brake the vehicle when exiting the parking space.

Pedestrians rejoice! The new S-Class features a Brake Assist system with Pre-Safe brake that detects pedestrians and automatically applies the brake, if the driver doesn’t pay attention to the visual signals given, thus avoiding a pedestrian collision. This system also helps in detecting cross traffic approaching from the side at an intersection and applies the brakes to avoid a T-bone collision. Should a rear collision occur, thanks to the rear radar detectors, the Pre-Safe impulse automatically tensions the front seat belts, reducing the chance of whiplash injury to the front occupants.

Video: Mercedes Presents its New Steering Assist System
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Overall, with the 2014 S-Class, Mercedes Benz is not too far away in making the autonomous car a reality. The 2014 S-Class, like all its previous generations, will maintain its status as the unrivalled leader in automotive safety and comfort.

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