• Video: Mercedes S-Class With “Digital Light” Headlights Caught Testing In The Wild

Extra high-tech illumination for Merc’s full-size luxury machine

Mercedes’ up-and-coming four-door limo is hitting the streets early, this time to test out the German brand’s latest headlight technology. The large-and-in-charge luxury sedan was recently caught prowling the public streets emblazoned with a set of side graphics proudly declaring “Digital Light,” so it’s not exactly a secret Merc is pushing to get this tech into the hands of customers as soon as possible.

The “Digital Light” system first broke cover early last month, with Mercedes proclaiming a litany of benefits to safety. For example, the headlights can project road signs directly onto the road, like a stop sign at an intersection, providing an extra reminder to the driver and others. The headlights also provide the usual adaptive features, identifying other cars on the road and changing the beam pattern to refrain from dazzling oncoming motorists. The system will even modify the beam to keep it out of the eyes of pedestrians.

To accomplish this, each headlight in the S-Class will use more than a million “micro mirrors,” each of which helps to refine the headlight beam as needed, while a system of outboard cameras and radar systems scan the road for traffic signs, cars, and pedestrians. In addition to the updates to the new HD headlights, the S-Class will also get a pair of new taillights, although they won’t be nearly as tech-heavy as the lights up front.

Unfortunately, it’s uncertain whether or not the Digital Light tech will make it stateside, as outdated legislation could prevent it from being sold here, much like old adaptive headlight technology. Either way, look for it to hit dealers in Europe as soon as 2020.


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