Video: Milan Abarth Gets Its Own Teaser Video

A few weeks ago, word circulated that a 1,700-horsepower Austrian supercar was being built by one Carlo Abarth. Naturally, anytime you start talking about vehicles with this much power, you start to wonder about its validity and whether or not there’s a legitimate chance the car is going to be built.

Turns out, Carlo Abarth is a lot more serious than we thought after releasing a teaser video of the Milan Abarth, complete with brief glimpses of the supercar. The first thing we heard about the supercar is that it’s being prepared to carry 1,300 horsepower on pump gas and 1,700 horsepower on race fuel, numbers that immediately blow your mind away. Add that to the expected weight of just 900 kg (1,984 pounds) and it’s safe to say that our eye and ears will be on full alert regarding updates on the Milan Abarth, which, by the way, will only be limited to just seven units, making for a truly limited-edition supercar.

The first salvo has been thrown by Carlo Abarth leading up to its debut in February 2013. Clearly, we’re expecting a lot more from now on until then.


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