Video: MINI continues hammering it up at Porsche with Rocky IV parody

This much is clear: MINI isn’t taking ’no’ for an answer.

In an effort to get Porsche to bite and accept their challenge of racing a Porsche 911 Carrera S against a MINI Cooper S, MINI is going all out in taunting their rivals with enough provocation that would have probably illicited a resounding ’yes!’ from lesser automakers.

Their latest attempt in goading Porsche to race at Road Atlanta later this month, MINI has released a parody video of Rocky IV with the Cooper S playing the role of - who else? - the lovable underdog Rocky Balboa as it trains for its fight against the menacing Russian cyborg of a man, Ivan Drago - make a wild guess who Drago is in this video.

Being portrayed as a juiced-up menace probably isn’t the kind of thing Porsche would like its cars to be associated with, but with MINI, all bets are off. They won’t hesitate to make you look ridiculous if it means their opponent will accept their silly challenges. Some folks may not like it, but some of them - including us - find it absolutely hilarious.

No word yet on how Porsche will react to this, but, if we were them, we would not take this lying down.


Source: Funny or Die

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  (402) posted on 08.24.2011

This is really funny! They have announced a battle between the Porsche. At the actual race, Mini has lose!So shame!

  (530) posted on 08.24.2011

There’ a newer version of the Mini and I have to say that I’m really impressed with the figure performance of the vehicle.

  (504) posted on 05.27.2011

The video is funny but somewhat inspiring, the testing that was undergone by the MINI feels like practicing for a boxing match. What I don’t like is that they have include the Porsche 911 which we all know is superior than this car.

  (570) posted on 05.27.2011

haha. This is so impossible! Looking at the figure performance of these two cars its
just easy to identify on which car is going to win a real match!

  (619) posted on 10.22.2010

that would be a lovely game between the mini and and the Porsche.

  (387) posted on 06.23.2010

nice teaser movie.. I hope porsche bite this commercial...

  (434) posted on 06.22.2010

hahaha what a promotional movie.. i can’t decide yet who will win here..

  (808) posted on 06.21.2010

great song. so what exactly kind of race do the mini wants with the porsche? is it rally or street?

  (364) posted on 06.20.2010

That was so funny, I think porsche really needs some training because they might left behind by MINI to an expected event.

  (417) posted on 06.20.2010

well i guess this commercial is nit enough to convince the porsche to accept the mini challenge..

  (379) posted on 06.17.2010

Porsche should accept the mini challenge. Just to shut them up hahaha.

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