Video: Mini Cooper S evades a pack of shopping carts

There’s nothing like witty and creative advertising to drum up the interest of the public. When you create the buzz necessary to generate interest in your product, you know that you hit your product is going to stick on a lot of people’s consciousness. In the case of the new MINI Cooper S commercial, we can’t say enough good things to say about the ad.

Created by Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners, the MINI ad is emphasizing the sleek maneuverability of the new Cooper S as it tries to evade a mass onslaught of rampaging shopping carts in a parking lot. It’s a scene straight out of an old school martial arts flick where the young apprentice battles a pack of ninjas bent on slicing his head off.

In this case, the Cooper S tries to fend off the attacks of scheming shopping carts and in doing so, proudly shows off to the audience just how fun driving a Cooper S can be. Hey, if it can maneuver in and out of tight spaces like that, then that’s definitely something that’d stick in the mind of consumers for a long time.


Source: YouTube

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  (89) posted on 08.24.2009

Man don’t shop at Beachs their Trollies are insane.

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