We’ve talked about the MINI Coupe Concept and the MINI Roadster so much over the past couple of weeks; it feels like we know the cars inside-and-out by now. But no matter how many times we’ve said it – or shown you videos, teasers, spy shots, and commercials – we just can’t get enough of MINI’s two latest offerings.

Their successful unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show has even fuelled more interest in these two cars and we feel that it’s our responsibility to quench their thirsts, so to speak.

Besides, these two cars aren’t expected to be out on the market for the next couple of years so in the meantime, newly-released videos of these two cars will have to do for now. We have two videos for you all ‘MINI-iacs’, one of which is the video of the Coupe Concept and Roadster Concept unveiling at Frankfurt and the other a detailed look at the Roadster Concept.

Click after the jump for video from the Frankfurt ’birthday’ launch of the two MINIs. Enjoy!

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