MINI’s capacity to be quirky and off-beat has struck again, only this time, we’re not quite sure why they resorted to putting one of those child instructional videos on their car.

We’re talking about MINI’s new Mission Control System, which, for all intents and purposes, are computer voices that "evaluate a vast range of vehicle, driving situation and vehicle environment-related signals and supplies the driver with relevant information and instructions in customary MINI style." It doesn’t sound remotely annoying based on the description, but we invite you to wath this video made by Car and Driver when they drove a Mini 50 Camden Editions to try out the the MCS.

We honestly didn’t know if we were listening at the MCS or an audio-recorded tape of Sesame Street because, quite frankly, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.


Source: Car and Driver

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  (238) posted on 06.22.2011

haha. This is definitely the first talking Mini that I have known and I would say that I was impressed with this technology though they speak too much that it hurts my ear drum already. BTW, I as counting down on how many times they have said the word "Let’s MINI"!

  (395) posted on 06.22.2011

Heck! A talking car would be an extreme features that I have known. However, I think the Mini control system have spoil the silence of the surrounding! BTW, its still sound like a recorder I think it would be good if a driver can have a two-way conversation with the car!

  (367) posted on 08.18.2010

Haha Car&Driver have done a great job, not only selling the car’s info they also make it more interesting.

  (9) posted on 05.5.2010

hahaha you guys (Top Speed editors,writers) are funny. It sure does feel like a Sesame Street Selfmotivating Audio Cd or something like that. But hey, I would be laughing all the time hearing a bunch of brit-like people speaking off my car...or sometimes I could see myself arguing with it...

  (340) posted on 04.25.2010

This car is awesome! I heard that this car got the highest sales in the market.

  (428) posted on 04.22.2010

Pretty amazing performance by the mini! I’d like that to be in red color.

  (612) posted on 04.22.2010

Why isn’t that the older model of Mini has already a control system installed? Or just ABS?

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