Video: MINI shows Volvo how ’Naughty’ is done

Volvo and their new ’Naughty’ campaign pretty much caught a lot of people off-guard, but, we have to admit, there’s nothing that MINI does that surprises us anymore.

The undisputed king of off-beat marketing campaigns, MINI’s latest billboard takes their naughty streak to an entirely new level. The billboard, which can be found in Hamburg, Germany, carries the slogan "A good Mini takes you to heaven. A bad Mini takes you everywhere." If that isn’t enough to drive home the message, MINI even had a particularly kinky S&M whip dangling over the rear of the Cooper in the billboard.

Wait, it gets better - or worse, depending on how conservative you are. The billboard also has a secret five-digit number and code word: Anytime you text the code to the the number, the Cooper gets a pretty good automated whipping, complete with ’horn-y’ sounds.

Nobody can pull this off but MINI, so Volvo, you might want to take some notes.


Source: Paul Tan

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  (274) posted on 08.15.2010

Could someone please explain their commercial for me?... Lol

  (359) posted on 06.15.2010

do you call it naughty? to be honest I’m not that impressed with it.. the evo is more naughtier than this.

  (798) posted on 04.27.2010

300 hp. Turbocharged. AWD. 350 lb-ft of torque as much as the 4.4 liter V8. Torque vectoring. It outperforms any R.

  (379) posted on 04.26.2010

I really don’t get the commercial of mini. Can someone explain it to me? TIA.

  (321) posted on 04.25.2010

why naughty? are they call it naughty because of it’s speed and HP? IMo that kind of HP is not that impressive anymore because there are a lot of cheaper cars that has the same HP or even much than the volvo "Naughty".

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