It’s been a while since we last saw MINI pull off something like this but it seems that they’ve finally gone back to their guerilla advertising ways by taking over the Geneva Motor Show, ‘MINIWOOD’ style.

To celebrate the world debut of the MINI Countryman – or as MINI has come to describe as their ‘new star’ – the BMW-owned brand launched a guerilla campaign that involved multi-dimensional projection of “MINIWOOD” onto a nearby mountain that just so happens to face the city of Geneva.

It, of course, is a direct reference to Hollywood – or the City of Stars – and MINI was able to accomplish it by cutting off the words ‘MINI’ and ‘WOOD’ on two circular pieces of wood and, by using the spruced up headlights of the Countryman, they were able to cast a lighted projection of MINIWOOD similar to the way Commissioner Gordon did with the Bat Signal.

It’s pretty ingenious, even by the lofty standards of MINI.


Source: MINI

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  (780) posted on 03.28.2010

Real or not, I think that it’s a very interesting way to advertise a car. I have known and seen commercials for Mini cars that are whacky and funny, something like this is nothing out of the ordinary.

  (1) posted on 03.5.2010

this is a fake "making of" video! want to see how MINI really made the projection?

  (859) posted on 03.3.2010

cool.. yep it’s been a while since mini did this kind of stuff. the last thing i remember is the giant carboard box threw on the streets with mini logo.

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