Two of the most f’ing quick vehicles in the world have been put face to face in a no holds barred competition. In one corner we have the factory tuned U.K. special, the Mitsubishi Evo X FQ400 and in the other, the Nissan GT-R. The Mitsubishi can srint from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.8 seconds thanks to the modified 4B11’s 403 HP and 387 lb-ft of torque; while the GT-R has the benefit of an additional turbocharger and two extra plasma lined cylinders that make 473 HP and 433 lb-ft of thrust. So who ended up on top? Sorry, you’ll just have to watch the video to find out!


Alina Moore
Alina Moore
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  (780) posted on 12.15.2009

GT-R is just huge for slalom, but in sprint GT-R is the best. evo-x is well known for it’s superb handling.

  (1022) posted on 08.7.2009

Wow, I expected the FQ400 to handle better Gs. Nice job anyway, its the only car to come close to the GT-Rs performance for the money with a little less power.

  (182) posted on 07.23.2009

The Nissan GTR is really a superb car. Probably the best even among its competitors. In fact, as you’ve seen in the tests, it won. But it only won with few fraction of points. So we really can’t say if the test has been accurate. But the fact that Mitsubishi Evo 10 has a better gearbox proves that its a better car, never mind the small fractions from where it lost. It’s definitely the better car.

  (183) posted on 07.23.2009

If we are talking about the looks, the physical design of the two cars should never be compared because the Nissan GTR is a coupe while the Evo 10 is a sedan. Your right though, when you said that the GTR is safer when it comes with the brake. But safety also requires good handling. And Evo 10 is better at this. Well, its also a good thing to consider the people driving it because they might not have been able to maximize the features of the car. If it was Top Gear who took the test, it might have been easier to swallow the bitter .

  (182) posted on 07.23.2009

The test only proves that Nissan GTR is much safer than the Evo 10. When a car hits a faster range, most especially when its designed to reach sprint it, the brake is the most important one to avoid any untoward accidents. Nice job Nissan. But still, its hard to understand why they came up with the conclusion. I say in terms of their physical looks, the Nissan is definitely better.

  (177) posted on 07.23.2009

Both of them are superb cars. Excellent and perfect. While the Nissan GTR has won two out of the three tests, I feel that the EVO is really much more engaging.

  (180) posted on 07.23.2009

No wonder the EVO 10 would win the second test. Well, let’s not forget that it is engineered for rally. Every bit of this car is designed to have a faster reflex. It’s a champion really.

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