Video: Mono, X-Bow, Atom and R300 go to London Gallery

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  • Video: Mono, X-Bow, Atom and R300 go to London
    London Trip in a Mono, XBow, Atom and R300 - The BHP Project

    In this video, The BHP Project take on London in 4 amazing track focused cars:

    BAC Mono - 280hp, 540kg, structurally mid mounted, rwd.
    KTM XBow - 300hp, 750kg, mid engine, rwd.
    Ariel Atom 3 - 300hp, 500kg, mid engine, rwd.
    Catterham R300 - 165hp, 550kg, front engine, rwd.

    The idea behind this trip was simple, take 4 purly track focused cars in to the centre of London at night and see what they were really like to use on real roads in stop-start traffic and to see just how they handled it and what the people of London thought of them.

    The cars were driven by there respective owners who gave us their feedback at the end of the video on how they got on in one of the busiest cities in the world. Thanks to all the owners for coming along. You can buy a BAC Mono from our friends at Super Vettura:

    • Main Music produced by Robin Harwood & Will Moore.
    • Thanks to Khalid Bari for help with the filming.

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