Video: Monster truck does jaw-dropping back-flip


Over the course of our years covering the auto industry, we’ve seen cars do some amazing things. From burnouts to drifts to long distance jumps, and even those crazy folks doing back flips with their cars, there’s not a shortage of those images that are etched in our memories.

But up until now, we’ve never seen anything quite like this.

To be fair, this stunt has been done before in the past, albeit unsuccessfully. The most famous example, of course, is our favorite daredevil Travis Pastrana, who last year tried to do a back flip while riding a monster truck. Pastrana, however, wasn’t able to accomplish the feat, which then of course leads us to Cam McQueen trying to perform the same trick at a recent Monster truck rally.

This video shows McQueen beginning his attempt in making his Monster Truck do a back flip and, unbelievably, – the man actually does it! Incredible. Amazing. Indescribable.

It’s only 18 seconds long, but in those 18 precious ticks, prepare for your jaws to drop because you’re going to see something you’ve never seen before.


Source: YouTube

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  (380) posted on 08.26.2010

Woah! That must be very very hard to do. Trucks that weight tons normally couldn’t really do this stunts.

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