Video: Motorplex Minneapolis is a car lover’s nirvana

Ever wondered where the automotive equivalent of nirvana is? Well, we might just have found it in, of all places, Minnesota.

More specifically, Minneapolis, Minnesota, the home of what has to be one of the most amazing auto communities we’ve ever seen. It’s called Motorplex Minneapolis and it’s a one-of-a-kind ‘country club for cars’ developed by former corporate executive Bruno Silikowsky.

Silikowsky, a car aficionado himself, wanted to have a place where auto fanatics of varying social status could converge in one place to share a community-like atmosphere together. So he set about developing a community that did just that, featuring hundreds of garage units where these car owners could park their vehicles.

It’s an idea that came all the way out of the box, which is what makes it that much more brilliant. According to Silikowsy, his project has resulted in an overwhelming show of support from people who seem to find great joy in their vehicles, so much so that they’re willing to fork over anywhere from $40,000 to half-a-million-dollars to give their cars their own ‘condo’ units.

And the best part of all is that you can walk around this community and see just about every vehicle that’s on your wish list. From Ferraris to Lamborghinis to Bentleys and even some old-timer classics, the owners of these units each have their own set of impressive wheels and stories to tell about their beloved rides.

The success behind the Motorplex Minneapolis has been overwhelming that since it first opened it 2008, the entire community is already 97% occupied, prompting Silikowsky to add more units to what is an already fast-growing community.

Check out the profile video made by NBC Kare 11 for the full scoop on the single most awesome car community in America. You can also hit the jump to check out the specifications for the units.

Key Garage Unit Features

  • Owners can finish out their units to their own specification.
  • 13’, 24’, 30’ and 32’ widths
  • 25’, 40’, 54’, 80’ and 86’ lengths (including drive-through units)
  • 16’, 18’ and 20’ ceiling heights with 14’x18’ and 16’x20’ insulated raised panel doors with remote control garage door openers.
  • Paved roads with gutters. Concrete garage door aprons.
  • Each unit has individually controlled in-floor heaters
  • Each unit has fire suppression sprinkler system and also in the rafters
  • Each unit has 100 amps of electrical power
  • Most units will have water and floor drains
  • Some of the units will have bathrooms (owner option prior to construction)
  • Each owner will also own a fractional share of the 4000 Sq Ft Clubhouse and the common court yards as well as the 1.5 acre pond.
  • Options for T5 lighting, sand trap drains, windows, mezzanines, office/private space (many calling it a man cave), sport courts for the kids, purpose designed sound systems, LCD monitors, Direct TV Satellite, Wireless Internet, and interior finishing like flooring, wall covering, custom painting, etc.
  • Internet Protocol based security system for the campus as well as the individual "private garage" units and clubhouse.
  • Automated campus security gate.
  • Optional added security system for your particular garage allowing you to look in on your collection from anywhere you have internet access. You would log into the Auto MotorPlex Website with your ID/passcode and then you and only you would be able to view what is in your garage. Also the ability to alert you and record security breaches that would email your phone or computer and stream video of the event for your review.
  • Units start at $39,000

Source: Kare 11

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  (596) posted on 06.14.2011

If I were the one that owns this place, I would also be quite proud. Imagine that, the customers will always be coming in. and the simple joy of working on cars is really the best.

  (412) posted on 06.13.2011

Yeah, this is definitely the place to visit. And a lot of folks would certainly marvel at the collection of cars that they have for display here.

  (334) posted on 06.10.2011

Hmm, that one certainly looks like an interesting place to visit. Just look at those cars that they are displaying. Those are certainly going to be classics in the future.

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