We all fancy ourselves to get involved in some wild car chase with a car as powerful as a Ford Mustang. The cars crashing into everything; fruits flying everywhere; and yes, the occasional smashing of a water hydrant that explodes with a jet of water.

Normally, we’d probably go to jail, or worse, die, if we dared pull off such a stunt. But that doesn’t mean some people can’t recreate a car chase scene like that with the help of some scaled-down Mustangs.

The fine folks of FinalCutKing did just that, and boy, did they do a terrific job at it. Two souped-up, albeit R/C-oriented Mustangs were the stars of the 90-second chase, giving new meaning to the phrase running roughshod through a city. In this case, the "city" is made up of cardboard, hot glue, and spray paint.

Even with the makeshift location, the car chase itself, which also has a cameo appearance by a military chopper, together with the fantastic editing and sound mixing, ended up being pretty remarkable.

One of the finest we’ve seen in its size, to say the least.


Source: YouTube - FinalCutKing

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