The NASCAR circus went short track racing this weekend at the Dover International Speedway in Delaware. The one thing that every driver was commenting on leading up to the race is that in order to be competitive at the Monster Mile you must commit 110% into every corner on the concrete racing surface. Being one of the shorter tracks on the NASCAR calendar, this all out commitment can be challenging, because when things go wrong, as they usually do in racing, this leaves the drivers with very little escape room, and tremendous multi car pile ups are almost certain to be on the bill for the day.

Unfortunately for the young driver, Joey Logano, his race ended just 32 short laps after it began; but that is when the ride began. After being bumped from behind by Tony Stewart going flat out, the number 20 Home Depot car slid across the flat part of the track before getting back onto the banking in turn 3 taking out three other cup cars along the way. Then Joey hit the inside wall and began to flip side over side seven and a half times before coming to rest with all four wheels on the ground after teetering on its side for an extremely long moment. Thanks to NASCAR’s Car of Tomorrow, Joey Logano and the rest of the drivers involved in the racecar mangling spectacle at the Monster Mile this past Sunday.


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  (1022) posted on 02.10.2010

Now that is one big nasty crash and roll. Thank God for the technology nowadays with this cars that makes it extra safe. Well, accidents happen in races that is why it is very necessary to have safety stuffs on your car, it also happen in highways so always be safe.

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